The Farmer Fund exists to support our farmers in the face of natural disaster and help keep farmers farming.

The Farmer Fund provides an economic "stop loss" for our agricultural producers after natural disasters which include but are not limited to tornado, flood, storms and damages resulting from them. We aim to help rebuild farms after natural disasters so that farmers can continue to serve our community.


  • Established Georgia farms selling through a farmers market, CSA, wholesale outlets, or restaurants.

  • Must be a producer/grower (not a reseller)

  • Must be a current member of:
    (a) Georgia Organics
    (b) must sell at a farmers market, offer a regular CSA, sell to restaurants on a regular basis, or sell to wholesale outlets.

  • Need is due to forces beyond the Farm's control including but not limited by:
    (a) flood
    (b) fire
    (c) storms

  • Monetary relief restricted to:
    (a) Repair of damaged equipment or buildings
    (b) Replacement of seed/permaculture, equipment, land lease, livestock, energy-fuel-power. Limit award to provide temporary continuation of operation.

  • The request should include specific actions for farm recovery. There is an expectation of remedial action where changed farming practices can prevent future occurrences of the problem.

  • If you are not sure if you qualify please apply.

We Do Not FUND

  • Medical or health issues for farmers or their families

  • Personal homes or vehicles

we fund

  • Damages to farms, crops, farm infrastructure

  • Damages must be due to sudden natural disasters

  • Funds must be used to repair/rebuild farms to keep them operational

  • Farms must be in Georgia

  • Farms must feeding metro Atlanta via farmers
    markets, CSAs and/or restaurants



We will match the funds raised by a farm up to $2,000.

We recommend farmers partner with the community they serve for example an event at their farmers market, donations from CSA members or a benefit at the restaurants they serve.

  • The award is limited to $2,000 annually. Farms will be limited to one award every 3 years for the same event type: flood, storm, fire, etc.

  • Evaluation of the request will by the grant review committee of The Farmer Fund with final approval by The Farmer Fund Advisory Board.

  • Grant recipients will be subject to a 1099 for the grant income.

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