Babe and Sage Farm

After a night of severe thunderstorms, a tornado watch, and wind advisory, a 40 mph gust lifted our mobile hoophouse and flipped it onto our seedling greenhouse. The hoophouse was anchored to the ground at each endwall
and every other bow, and the plastic was battened down on the ends and sides. The strong gust came by, and the
hoophouse was flipped... We were able to free the hoophouse from the seedling greenhouse with only a few holes in the plastic, but the hoophouse is basically scrap metal...

Even small setbacks for farmers, such as losing a hoophouse, can affect the entire community that farmers provide for, including restaurants, cooperatives and direct buyers. Babe and Sage farm provides farm fresh veggies for farmers markets,  CSA customers in around Macon and Milledgeville, the Middle Georgia Growers Cooperative and restaurants including Wrecking Bar Brewpub,  Kimball House, Eat Me Speak me as well as the Candler Park Market and Farmview Market. With a matching grant from the Farmer Fund, Babe and Sage was able to raise enough money to rebuild their mangled hoophouse and get back to business.