Crop Mob Georgia


Owner/Chef of Pine Street Market Rusty Bowers Will Spearhead Initiative

The Farmer Fund is assuming management of the organization Crop Mob Georgia, a program that connects volunteers with local farmers to work together and foster community. The first Crop Mob will be followed by a meal donated by Wrecking Bar Brewpub.

Rusty Bowers, chef/owner of Pine Street Market and newest member of The Farmer Fund Advisory Board, will lead the initiative with collaboration from fellow advisory board member Cory Mosser of Natural Born Tillers. As a veteran of the Atlanta food community, Bowers has an extensive network of both chefs and farmers to make the partnership successful.

“As two organizations that help local farmers, it seems like a natural partnership,” says Bowers. “I look forward to introducing both new and experienced volunteers to the challenges and rewards that come with owning small, sustainable farms.”

Kimberly Coburn started Crop Mob Georgia during a nationwide resurgence of organic and sustainable farming. These farms grow diversified crops on small acreage with low levels of mechanization and no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The need for community participation on small farms matches the growing community interest in farming and the local food movement. Crop Mob Georgia was conceived as a way of building the community necessary to practice small-scale agriculture and put more power in the hands of future food producers.

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Crop Mob is an extensive network of volunteers who assist local farmers with labor-intensive tasks to ultimately bridge the gap between small-scale farmers and the larger community. With the surge of sustainable farms growing diversified crops using low levels of mechanization without pesticides and fertilizers, more labor is required. Farmers apply to host a Crop Mob and oversee volunteers through the task at hand. At the end of each Mob, a meal is shared donated by a local chef.